Hi everyone!  How was your Thursday?  🙂

Mine was pretty good!  I had one of those days where I was really hungry  early on and I ended up eating lunch at 10:30 a.m. (brown rice with chicken, broccoli, onions and carrots leftover from last night’s dinner).  After  meals I nearly always crave something sweet so I had a couple amazeballz (recipe here courtesy of fitnessista).  Lately I’m becoming obsessed with these little bites of heaven (today’s variety had vanilla protein powder, almond butter and chocolate chips and tasted like cookie dough – yum!)  I had intended to save them for later in the day but as I was making them this morning and snuck a few bites before tucking them into a tupperware container I already knew they didn’t stand a chance. 😉

When noon rolled around, since I’d already eaten my lunch, I decided to head out to run a couple errands.  I ended up at Sprouts (I have an internal beacon that causes me to gravitate towards grocery stores).  I was craving a snack but didn’t really want a lot of extra calories since I’d already loaded up earlier so I perused the aisles for something light and settled on this tasty little combo.

Coconut water and dry roasted salted peas.

So good and definitely satisfied my snack craving!  I didn’t want to eat them out of the grocery bag at my desk so I put them in my tupperware container.  The last few peas got mixed in with the remnants from the amazeballs (yum!)

And now for the most exciting part of my day… I finally made it to spin class!

Every Thursday I rush to try and make a 6:45 spin class after work.  And nearly every Thursday my plans are foiled.  I’m scheduled to see pets until 6:30 and the gym isn’t far but somehow, nearly every week, I end up stuck at work after hours with an appointment that runs late or  something else that needs my attention.  But today as the clock approached 6:30 and with my last appointment of the day come and gone I could sense I might be in the clear so I tiptoed to the bathroom, quickly changed, then sprinted for the door and didn’t look back!

It had probably been 6 or 8 weeks since I’d actually made it to spin but I was surprised and a little disappointed not to see my usual instructor. Instead, looking less than commanding in the front of the room was a rather gangly looking newbie (picture the little kid from the Julia Roberts movie Stepmom all grown up).  As the music kicked in (an obscure, vaguely familiar classic rock track) and I began to pedal I was a little skeptical and I’ll admit I found myself glancing up at the clock more than once.  But then as the class got going I kind of fell into a groove.

Picture this: one minute we’re leaning perilously over the handlebars climbing steep hills to R Kelly’s ‘I Believe I can Fly’ and the next minute doing sprints to a crazy version of Boston’s ‘More Than A Feeling’ with rap admixed into the chorus.  There was no rhyme or reason to it.  It was absolutely off the wall, wonderfully weird and strange and I totally loved it!

And all the while the instructor sat there atop his bike in his own world looking like he was smiling at his own private little joke.  Clearly this guy was going to do his own thing no matter what anyone else thought.  What a nice reminder of what a good feeling it is to just be yourself.  No one else besides this instructor would have been able to give the class quite the same unique experience.

Ever since I’d gotten the idea for this blog I’ve been putting off writing my first post, comparing myself to other bloggers in the same genre, questioning whether my perspective was different or interesting enough and wondering if I’d measure up.  What I need to remember is that no one else is going to have exactly the same thoughts and point of view that I’m putting out there.  Some of you may not be into it but I’m sure there are those of you who will totally love it.  So here’s to my first post!  🙂 And on that note, here’s to simply being yourself – because no one else is ever going to be quite as uniquely YOU.