It’s Fridaaaay!  🙂

And I’m excited for two reasons: For starters, I get to sleep in tomorrow.  😉 And second, on Fridays I usually try to make it a point to sneak away from work over my lunch hour to Starbucks to catch up on some reading or writing or just take a few moments to relax and clear my head.  In fact, that’s where I’m at right now.

I always like to have something to snack on while I write so I grabbed an iced green tea and gogiberry granola bar from Two Moms In The Raw. The bars are a little pricey (around $4) but they’re pretty tasty and I don’t mind paying a little extra knowing the ingredients are all good for me.

Today’s meals so far have been a little bit of a hodgepodge since I’m in desperate need of a trip to the grocery store and I’ve been trying to use up whatever I have left in the fridge.

My morning smoothie was a mixture of  mango, pineapple, raspberry and kale. (Not too bad actually!)

The day started off pretty busy with a call from a friend in Tajikistan with a question about her cat.  I spent the morning seeing some of my favorite patients then wrote a couple of health certificates to move some pomeranians to India – I was dealing with animals all over the place!  To keep my energy up mid-morning I snacked on a brown rice cake with a generous heap of almond butter (I LOVE almond butter, if I’m not careful I can go through an entire jar in a few days!) that I’d mixed with about 1/2 tsp cocoa powder, a little agave, stevia and a pinch of cinnamon – one of my favorite quick and easy go-to snacks right now.

Lunch was about 1/4 c leftover brown rice chicken and veggies from what I’d cooked up for the week, along with some organic black beans and sweet potato (I also mixed in a little stevia, cinnamon and a couple chopped up dates which kind of reminded me of baked beans – I may have a recipe in the works..) and some baby carrots (told you it was a random mix!)

Well I’m off to work, ready to finish out the day.  I’m already starting to mentally plot out my weekend…

Hope you all are having a great day!