Hey there!  Hope everyone’s having a great Friday night out and about or stumbling home from happy hour.  Me? I’m cozied up at home like an old lady. 😉

After work I stopped by Trader Joe’s for some much needed groceries and a few ingredients for the banana cream pie I’m going to attempt to make for work on Monday.  I was perusing the aisles when I stumbled upon this baby in the new items section.

As a general rule I try to only keep one chocolate item in the house at a time to avoid too much  temptation  (I can only be so strong…).  I already had some dark chocolate chips at home but I had to  make an exception for this little gem. 😉

After I got home I took the dogs for a nice walk (it was actually pleasantly cool for a midsummer night in  June in AZ) and made a light dinner of grilled chicken and veggies (I mixed in some hummus for flavor).  I kept it light because truthfully I hadn’t been very hungry all evening but I  also wanted to save some  room for dessert!  Since I already had chocolate on the brain I had some cherries dipped in melted  vegan dark chocolate chips. Now I’m sipping on some peppermint tea (my fave!) and catching up  reading some blogs.  I think I’m going to journal a little then call it a night. Sweet dreams indeed!