Hi everyone!  I hope your day has been as lovely as mine. 🙂

As promised this morning my trainer delivered a killer workout with some strength training and stability moves (pushups on the medicine ball and lots and lots of lunges!)  I normally try to run on the weekends when I have more time but lately my legs and feet haven’t been feeling it.  So I decided to ride the stationary bike instead -which also gave me the opportunity to download some new iTunes. 😉  I still bumped up the resistance to get the most out of it and by 30 minutes in my legs were on fire!  I finished up with a quick 15 minutes on the elliptical in order to get in my daily 45.  For my current fitness goals (I’m trying to get lean and tone up) my trainer recommends aiming for 45 minutes of cardio a day so that’s what I’m shooting for.

I’m taking care of my parents’ cat and watering my mom’s plants while they’re on vacation in Reno so after the gym I packed up some food and the dogs and hit the road.

Eddy and Alan are up for anything as long as they get to ride along!

My pre-packed snacks: salad, a smoothie and some treats for the dogs!

Lunch was a salad of organic baby spinach with chicken I grilled up on the Foreman, 1/4 pink lady apple, 2 chopped Medjool dates and a dressing made up with 2 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar , a touch of agave and 1 tsp of cinnamon – I’m loving this combo right now! I’ve also made a variation on this with salmon and butternut squash in lieu of chicken and apple.  Pecans are great in either version but sadly I’m all out right now.

Upon arriving at my parent’s place I immediately wolfed down my salad (I was starving after a long workout!) then I sipped on a refreshing pear chocolate ginger smoothie (1 whole pear, frozen, 1 c almond milk, 2 tsp raw cocoa powder, 1 tsp vanilla, grated ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg) and some candy cane green tea leftover from Christmas that I found in the pantry. 😀

Organic baby spinach salad with apple and dates.

Seriously one of the best salads I've ever come up with.

Pear chocolate ginger smoothie

Love this tea!

I took advantage of the quiet to catch up on some writing.  I have to say I’m really enjoying the solitude of a big empty house.  Living with my brother the TV is ususally on 24/7.  It’s not that I don’t like to watch TV but I do kind of limit how much I watch and I’m not someone who likes to have a lot of background noise, especially while I’m working on anything.

As I was busy writing away, Alan napped and Eddy spent the whole time chewing happily on a bone that my parents’ dog Hank had left behind.

It was a relaxing and productive day for all of us. 🙂

Thinking of heading back soon to get ready for the evening.  Going out tonight to celebrate my friend Hillary’s birthday – should be a fun time!

See you all tomorrow!