Hello and happy Sunday night (almost Monday morning)!

Hopefully everyone had a fun and relaxing weekend.  I hadn’t intended to be posting this late but I just finished baking a monster of a banana cream pie for work tomorrow. (Recipe and pics to come!)

I thought I would be posting some pics from last night but my plans for a fun evening out were foiled when my girlfriend ended up not going out after all.  It worked out for the better anyway because I was beginning to feel mega stressed about my upcoming move (in a couple weeks I’ll be temporarily moving in with my parents to save money while I house hunt) and started freaking out over all the things I still had to do.  So instead I took a breather, relaxed for a bit and then got started on packing and organizing stuff from my bathroom and closet.  I got rid of a lot of things I’ve never used or outgrown or am just simply over and it felt really good. 🙂

This morning I slept in (finally!) then made a delicious breakfast of almond butter-stuffed french toast.  I had been dreaming about this breakfast all week and it didn’t disappoint!  I found the recipe on the Carrots’N’Cake website and Tina has a good step-by-step with pics there.  I basically followed along with her recipe but substituted almond milk, added a pinch of nutmeg to the egg mixture and used agave instead of maple syrup (plus extra agave drizzled over the almond butter in between the slices of bread (I’m convinced this made it extra tasty!)  For the bread I used Ezekiel Sprouted Whole Grain.

The end result looked like this:

So unbelievably good! Along with my french toast I had some green tea and a strawberry/mango flax smoothie (1/2 c strawberries, 1/2 c mango, 1 tbsp flax, 1 scoop protein powder, 1 c almond milk, 1/4 c coconut water).

Such a great start to the day!  I love making Sunday breakfast a long and leisurely event.  It’s so nice to have the luxury to eat slowly and caught up on a little TV and not have to be anywhere.  The dogs enjoyed having a lazy morning too.

After breakfast it was off to Avondale to meet my friend Danielle for lunch.  She lives over an hour away so whenever we get together we try and meet in the middle.  It was a 40 minute drive, not too bad, but between driving back and forth to my parents’ place and work lately I’m starting to feel like I live in my car.

Lunch was at The Islands.  I ordered two grilled veggie tacos (grilled onions and peppers, black beans, corn and avocado on corn tortillas) and they were surprisingly good! They came with a side of island slaw which was crunchy and sweet and was a good compliment to the spiciness of the black beans. I ended up leaving most of the corn tortillas since I’d had french toast at breakfast but it was still a filling lunch.

After lunch we took a trip to Super Target…

It was my first time ever inside of one and all I can say is I think I’m in love! 😀  I had been a little skeptical about the Super Target up until now. I guess I figured if they were upsizing that they would be sacrificing quality but it’s not the case.  I could hardly believe it when I saw they were handing out samples Costco-style and of coconut water nonetheless!

We sampled the chocolate flavor (which I didn’t even know existed!) and the lady working the sample counter was nice enough to give me the last bottle (score!).  They had a decent organic selection plus a lot of other items I consider staples. (Reasonable prices too!)

I picked up the rest of the ingredients I needed for my banana cream pie and this Moroccan Mint Stash tea I’ve been wanting to try (on sale for $1.29!)

I think I can safely say this won’t be my last trip to Super Target…

Check out the size of that Starbucks!

When I got home I made myself a smoothie-to-go with 1 frozen banana, 3/4 c almond milk, 1/4 c chocolate coconut water (couldn’t wait to try out my new purchase!) and a few hazelnuts.

Chocolate coconut water - this may be my new obsession!

It was very tasty and the perfect pick me up for my marathon baking session. 🙂

Now I can’t believe I’m up blogging at nearly 1 am – good thing I’m only working a half day tomorrow!

Good night! 🙂