Hi, hope your week is off to a great start!

Mine is going pretty well so far.  After unwinding for a little while at home I headed out for a hike.  I was still pretty tired from the previous night’s bake-a-thon but I’m really glad I went.  After a little indulging over the weekend (I do a lot of taste-testing when I bake 😉 ) I just felt like I needed to get out and move.  I usually take my iPhone along to listen to music or jot down blog ideas that come to me as I hike but I knew I really needed to unwind and clear my head so I left it behind.  It was just me, the trail and my camera. 🙂

Even thought I was tired I’m really glad I went.  My body and my brain definitely needed it!

After my hike it was back to the parents’ house to hang out with my sis. She had just gotten back from apartment hunting in San Diego and was exhausted too so we just took it easy.  We spent the evening just lounging around catching up and watching the Bachelorette.  It was perfect, and just what I had in mind.

We did muster up enough energy to get into the kitchen and whip up this little guy.

Hakuna Frittata

My sister called it our Hakuna Frittata which seemed fitting since we really gave very little thought as to what we put in it.  We started out with one whole egg plus the six egg whites I’d saved from Sunday night, a little almond milk, some s&p and added that to a skillet where we’d already sauteed some minced garlic and sliced red onion. Then we stirred in the eggs until they started to set, layered some sliced tomatoes and avocado on top and popped into the oven (400 degrees on Broil) for about 6-7 minutes and voila!

We had planned to add spinach but at the last minute forgot.  No worries there, it was still delicious anyhow.  In fact no worries seemed to be the theme of the evening. 🙂  After dinner I brewed us each a cup of tea (green for me and chamomile for my sis) then we called it a night.  I had to stop myself from falling asleep on the couch!  Here’s hoping you’re getting more sleep than I am so far this week!