Hey there!  Happy Friday!
Well I made my morning drive in exactly (drumroll please…………..) one hour.   Take that google maps! 🙂
I packed up my smoothie for the ride (1 c raspberries, 1/4 c pineapple, a handful of spinach, 1 c almond milk and 1/4 c mango coconut water, protein powder) along with the rest of the day’s meals and snacks.
(Pecan pie lara bar, veggies and hummus, brown rice sauteed in coconut oil with yellow onions, broccoli, chicken, shrimp and cashews -yum! – and a pink lady apple).
Although I had been dreading it, the drive wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought and the peaceful morning desert views were a nice change and a relaxing way to start the day.  (insert pic)
It got me thinking about all of the things I’m excited about (and not so excited about) in regards to moving in with my parents.
Things I’m looking forward to:
–  The peace and quiet of living in a relatively remote area.
–  Sitting outside on the patio on weekend mornings sipping tea and taking in the peaceful desert views
–  Going through all of my things as I move and clearing out the clutter – I love the fresh feeling that comes with getting down to the bare basics of
    what I need
–  Spending time with my sister before she moves away to San Diego
–  Cooking with my parents and possibly inspiring some healthier eating habits into their daily routine (I may even put them on a mini-cleanse!)
–  Getting back into the routine of being a morning person.  Longer drives will mean longer work days and stopping at the gym on my way home       may no longer be an option.  I know it will be a little harder at first but I love the feeling of being up early, getting my workout done and then           moving on with my day.
–  Reconfiguring my workout schedule, getting creative with exercise ideas.  (I’ve been thinking about ordering Tracy Anderson Method workout       videos and I also  just signed up to take Pure Barre with my sister and I’m excited to try it!)
Things I’m not looking forward to:
–  Scorpions.  And unfortunately they’re out there.  I’m going to have to get used to watching where I step and keeping all of my stuff up high              (insert pic).  (The other day I found a scorpion that had hitched a ride in my work bag I’d had sitting on the kitchen floor!)
– A longer drive home will mean eating dinner later at night (something I’ve been trying to get away from) and in order to avoid this may have to      start eating dinner at work.  Blah.
–  Since I’ll be living farther away from civilization I’ll have to get used to planning ahead, packing extra things with me being a little bit of a               nomad for awhile.
–  Possibly missing out on my usual Wednesday night yoga class (I haven’t quite figured this one out yet but my class starts at 8 pm, over by 9,           tack on an hour drive and it’s a little too late to be getting home for this girl, especially if I’m going to have to be up at 5 am the next morning).
All in all I think it will be a good change.  We can all use a change of scenery from time to time and I have to remember it’s only going to be temporary until I find a house. 🙂
On a completely separate note…remember this little beauty?
Tonight my sister and I devoured it. 
(The melty caramel and sea salt were sooooo good together!)  It was everything I dreamed it would be. 🙂
My favorite quote of the night:
Me:  So…do you think we’re going to eat the whole thing or…?
Nance: Um…yeah..
So much for trying to stay away from chocolate.  Apparently I can’t get enough of it!
See you in the morning! 🙂