Good morning!

Hope your weekend is off to a great start – hopefully you’re sleeping in. 😉  Me?  I have to work today but its alright because I’m actually feeling kind of up and at ’em this morning. 🙂

In light of my recent chocolate adventures I decided I’m in need of a healthy reset.  Plus with all craziness of moving when it’s so easy to grab junk on the go or overeat due to stress I wanted to be sure to stay in a healthy mindset.  I had been wanting to try the Skinnygirl cleanse  from Bethenny Frankel.  I’m a big fan of her books and show and just like her philosophy in general so I thought I’d give the product a go.

It arrived in the mail yesterday.

The Cleanse and Restore kit comes with 30 packets of ‘green lemonade’ (see nutritional information) that contain fiber and probiotics.  The servings are individually packaged so you can take them on the go which I love!  The kit comes with a recipe card box (pictured above) and a few recipes and tips for eating well.  Truthfully if you’re at all familiar with Bethenny’s books and advice you could probably skip the kit and just order the refill pack (30 packets sans recipe card holder) although the box is cute.

The box claims you can drink it on an empty stomach so first thing this morning I decided to give it a go.

Skinnygirl daily green lemonade.

You can drink it solo or mix with fruit.  I decided to take it straight like a champ. ;)  Although I was kind of nervous when I saw the color (all I could think about was blue green algae) it was actually pretty mild tasting, kind of like watered down blue gatorade.  It mixed easily into water although the last few sips got a little gel-like in consistency (I’m a big texture person when it comes to food so this was a no-go for me) but that could probably have been avoided with another stir.

The directions suggest one packet daily or for an added boost you can take 2 packets daily for 5 days.  I’m always down for a jump start so that’s what I’ll be doing. 😉

Breakfast was a blueberry and raspberry smoothie with coconut milk, protein powder, flax and a splash of lima citron coconut water along with toasted Ezekiel bread and reduced sugar organic strawberry preserves.

Breakfast of champs.

Not exactly cleanse-worthy but Saturdays at work tend to be busy and I wanted to be sure to keep my energy up.

Well I’m off to work!  Have a great Saturday – see you all later on!