Good morning!  🙂

How is your day going?

My day started off with this.  (A video a friend sent me of a guy nursing a baby hummingbird back to health.  I laughed so hard at the part with the camera panning by all the still shots of the bird).  😀

And some of these…

Chocolate almond butter truffle prototypes (the one on the right has sea salt!)

I played around with the truffle recipe last night (aka, ate lots of almond butter and cocoa).  It’s getting closer but not quite there yet!

I also made myself a refreshing pineapple smoothie (1 c frozen pineapple, 1 c coconut milk, 1 scoop protein powder, 1/2 tbsp flax), some morrocan mint tea with a spash of lima citron coconut water (yum!) and of course my daily Skinnygirl green lemonade.

I’m off work today and I think I’m going to do a little more packing but mostly just take it easy.  I know the next week is going to be hectic (between work, moving and my brother coming into town) so I think I’ll grab a chance to relax while I can.  😉

I have a morning workout with my trainer then I’m going to check out the Sunflower Market (never been!) and come home  and have a big breakfast cookie a la fitnessista.  🙂

Lately the breakfast cookie has become one of my favorite post-workout snacks.  I actually think about it while I’m on the treadmill and I get so excited making it in anticipation for the next day.   Last night I mixed up all the ingredients for the ‘classic’ version:

-1/3 c oats – I used Arrowhead Mills, gluten free but I’m not sure about the texture so when this box runs out I’ll be switching it up.

-1/2 scoop protein powder (Nutribiotic – almost gone!)

-1 Tbsp (+ a little extra) almond butter (I use Trader Joe’s raw crunchy unsalted)

– Almond milk (the recipe calls for 1/8 c but I was trying to do it from memory and I accidentally used 1/4 cc – oops!  seems to have turned out          okay anyway)

– 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

– 1/2 packet Stevia

– About 1/4 tsp cinnamon ( I don’t really measure this, I just add a few sprinkles until it looks good to me)

vegan dark chocolate chips 🙂

And here is the finished product:

It needs to sit in the fridge over night (so the oats can soften) so I grabbed some foil and carefully tucked it in…

Breakfast cookie getting ready for the fridge...

All tucked in and cozy.

Good night little cookie!

And that will be awaiting me later this morning.  I like to heat it up in the microwave for about 30 seconds and sprinkle a little agave on top.  I can hardly wait to eat!  🙂

And on that note, I’m off to the gym…

See you all later!