Hey everybody!  Hope you’re having a great Tuesday.  🙂

I had a good workout with my trainer this morning (low reps with heavy weights and staggered pushups) plus a nice long run.  I know cardio sessions will be few and far between this week between all the packing and moving so I’m trying to fit them in when I can. 😉

Then I headed over to Sunflower Farmers Market. I can’t believe I’ve never been in this place before!  It kind of reminded me of a mix between Sprouts and Trader Joe’s.  I definitely could have gone crazy in there but I tried to reel it in.  I am moving in a few days after all and I don’t really need a stocked fridge.

They had a large fresh produce selection.  I picked up some asparagus.

There was a decent pet selection too!  They even had cat grass.

Smush would love this!

I did, however, come across one deal too good to pass up…

$1.99 for kombucha is unheard of!  You better believe I stocked up.   🙂

I couldn’t wait so I had a nice cold kombucha for the drive home.

Some other great finds:

Ezekiel mini pita pockets.

Basil pesto hummus – yum!

Garden of Life Raw Protein in single serving samples.  Love this – I’m shopping around for a new protein powder and I like to sample before I commit to a whole container.

Chocolate hazelnut butter.   Mmm… I have no doubt I’m going to love this and could have easily bought a whole jar but this was self-enforced portion control.  😀

A happy fridge.

After I unloaded the groceries I devoured my breakfast cookie like a wild animal.  I was starving!

Mere seconds before I pounced...

And done.

Then I made lunch using some leftover salmon and a few of my market purchases.

Salmon and warm quinoa with spinach, cucumber and asparagus.

A lovely light lunch!

I cooked 1/4 c quinoa (Trader Joe’s) according to package instructions.  When it was nearly ready (if quinoa can be ‘al dente’) I added in asparagus I’d grilled on the Foreman along with some chopped english cucumber (about 1/4 c of each), 1 tbsp olive oil, the juice and zest of 1/4 lemon, sea salt and pepper.  I mixed it all together and heated it on low for a couple minutes.  At the last second I stirred in about 1 c of baby spinach leaves and about 1/2 tbsp of the basil pesto hummus I’d bought (this was the secret ingredient!) and served it up alongside a warm salmon filet.  So light and delicious!

I always overestimate the amount of quinoa I need so I ended up saving half for a future meal.   Another bonus: I also grilled up some chicken on the Foreman alongside the asparagus so that takes care of lunch for tomorrow.  🙂

I’m off to do a little packing before a skype session with my best friends.  We’re planning our annual girls’ trip!

See you tomorrow!