Hey there! 🙂

Well it’s Wednesday, and Wednesday for me usually means yoga.  I have an 8:00 class I take at the gym after work.  It’s a late class already and by the time I tack on my drive I typically don’t get home Wednesday nights until around 10 pm.  So it does take some planning to sort out the entire day’s meals and I end up eating dinner at my desk (which I don’t love).  And of course I have to remember to take my yoga clothes!

This morning I was prepared.  I woke up early and took the dogs on a nice long walk then I packed up my meals for the day while I sipped on a pineapple pear ginger smoothie (1/2 frozen pear, 1/4 c frozen pineapple, 1 c almond milk, grated ginger, protein powder) – yum!

The rest of my snacks:

Ezekiel pita pocket with grilled chicken and leftover quinoa, cucumber, asparagus and basil pesto hummus mix, an organic nectarine, baby carrots, a coconut cream pie lara bar and an afternoon protein shake made with 1/2 banana, 1 c almond milk and this:

Nature’s Plus SPIRU-TEIN cookies and cream protein powder.  I picked it up yesterday during my Sunflower Market extravaganza.  I usually go for the unflavored or vanilla protein powders (I like to mix my own flavors, plus they have less sugar) but let me tell you this was good!  I don’t think I’m going to make it an every day thing but for an occasional treat it sure beats an In-N-Out milkshake. 🙂  (They also had cappucino flavor!)

(On a side note: as my supply of Nutribiotic protein powder dwindles I placed my first order of Sun Warrior protein from Amazon today – I’ve heard good things and I’m excited to try it!)

I also packed along (but didn’t photo due to it not being very photogenic) some spinach, broccoli and carrot soup I’d cooked up last night and had planned on having that for dinner.

As the clock approached 6:30 (quittin’ time) and my stomach started to grumble I had to ask myself…yoga or no-ga?

I took my spinach soup out of the break room fridge, I even heated it up, but then I left it in the dust and headed home.

I was so prepared.  The dogs had been walked, I  had my clothes and my meals…So what went wrong?

First of all, my friend who I usually go with had to attend a toddler’s birthday party and so she skipped out on yoga too.  I know it’s not an excuse but it definitely helps me when I have a workout buddy to hold me accountable.

Second, I was craving something more substantial than my sad spinach soup.  In fact, I was craving nearly the exact same thing I had for lunch. I ended up coming home and mixing some chicken, along with the last of the quinoa and veggies in a bowl and eating my leftovers for dinner too.

It was so good I wanted to have it twice!  I rarely have a back to back meal like that, I usually prefer to switch it up.

And finally,  I got out of work at exactly 6:30 on the dot.  Days like that are few and far between and it makes it hard to wait around for an 8:00 class.  Plus I could already taste my freedom and the thrill of getting home *early* was just too good to pass up!

With my upcoming move and an even longer drive ahead of me, I had been wondering whether I’d continue to attend my Wednesday night yoga class.  Although it takes a lot of planning and makes for a late night I definitely get a major benefit from going.  It feels good to pause mid-week and relax and over time I’ve actually come to crave the centered feeling I get from the class.  So if I have to plan better meals, be sure to skeedaddle out of there the second class is over or kill time grabbing tea with my workout buddy before class I think I’m going to continue to make the effort to just go and turn my no-ga into a yes.  I know I’ll be glad I did.  🙂