Hi again!

Well the rest of the day was crazy as expected…sick puppies and boarding exams coming out of my ears!

My afternoon snack saved my life. 🙂

Mango kombucha and a nectarine.

Sadly, there were no single serving protein samples at Sprouts but I did find this guy on sale.

Vega protein powder in vanilla almondilla.  It has 6 grams of sugar per serving which isn’t too bad, and the flavor sounds devine.  🙂  It should hold me until my Sun Warrior  gets here!

I also made time to do a walk by and sneer at the hazelnuts.

I’ve had a bone to pick with these little guys ever since our Banana Cream Pie incident.  Look at them sitting there all smug under their code name ‘filberts.’  Who do they think they are?

This evening I took the dogs for a nice long walk and they needed it!  My super long days have been hard on them too.  Now I’m free from work for the next 3 days!

Dinner was a mixed bowl of chicken I’d grilled up earlier with asparagus, cucumber, avocado, lemon, basil pesto hummus and sea salt.  I’d have taken a pic but I was so hungry I scarfed it down before I could even think to grab my camera!

Things on my mind right now:

I can’t believe by Monday I’ll be all moved.

I also can’t believe I’ve been blogging here for over two weeks.  I just realized my blog now has archives from both June and July and it made me smile.  🙂

Filberts.  If I ever lay my hands on them again I swear…

Well the bro is at the gym which means a rare quiet house.  I’m going to take advantage and do some laundry, some writing and a little packing.  I also may or may not take advantage of the alone time to take down this bowl of peanut butter and dark chocolate chips. (The bro judges…)

I mixed in a little protein powder so I can pretend it’s healthy.  Plus it gives it a cookie dough like texture (yum!)  Good thing I’ve got my trainer tomorrow!

See you in the morning!