Good evening…  🙂  Well I’m all moved into my temporary home for the next few months.  The move was a little rough in 111 degree heat  (+ humidity!) but it’s done!

When the last of my stuff was packed I loaded up the pets and headed off to my parents’ house.

One happy camper!

It felt good to get on the road and leave all of the packing behind me – now it’s just the unpacking I have to worry about (although when it comes to moving I definitely prefer the unpacking)!

We did our 4th of July celebrating today.  My mom picked up some *All American* pitas, hummus and baba ganoush from the mediterranean market, my sister made an awesome watermelon salsa (in a watermelon bowl), and we served it up alongside some pulled pork, corn, and edamame salad.  There’s nothing better than family, friends and great food. 🙂

And we finally got some much needed rain.

View of my new backyard 🙂

I’ve never been more ready for bed than I am right now.  On tomorrow’s agenda: lots of unpacking and organizing (love it!), possibly a morning hike, and hopefully working on my mock ‘baked’ black beans recipe.

Hope everyone has a great 4th!

Good night! 🙂