Good morning! 🙂

I’m feeling surprisingly chipper for as little sleep as I’ve had the past few days.

Today’s a little bit of a strange day.  I’ve got a trainer workout this morning and then I’m working a half day.  I don’t work until 2 but I have an appointment later this morning and since I won’t want to drive all the way back out to my parents’ place I’ll probably just pack up what I need for the whole day.  I better get used to this!

This morning’s breakfast:

Served up alongside some of my favorite blogs 🙂

I had a slice of Ezekiel toast with organic strawberry preserves and a mango smoothie (1 c frozen mango, 1/4 c mango coconut water, 3/4 c almond milk, 1 scoop protein). Maybe I’m just getting used to it but I think I finally found a flavor combo that goes well with the Vega vanilla almondilla protein powder – this one was yummy!

Today’s snacks:

Salad: baby spinach and arugula, chicken, pink lady apple, celery, cashews and a dressing I made with coconut oil, rice wine vinegar and tamari (I’m switching it up!), roasted seaweed snacks, multigrain flatbread and a peanut butter lara bar.

Hoping to have a little time to blog this afternoon before I head to work.

See you in a bit!