Hi!  Hope you’re having a good week so far. 🙂

This seems to be a trend as of late but I’m coming at you from Starbucks yet again…

Decided to head out for a quick caffeine fix.  😉   It’s been a busy morning so far at work and I’m trying to keep chugging along but I’m definitely running on steam.

Last night I got stuck late at work with an end of the day surgery and had to brave the hourlong drive in a crazy dust storm (monsoon season in AZ has officially arrived!)  By the time I got home I was just done.  I decided to forgo dinner and skip straight to dessert (when I’m tired my sweet tooth comes on full force).  I grabbed half a banana, a spoonful of almond butter, a little stevia, cocoa and agave and heated it up…

…this is what it looked like before I mashed it all up and ate it.   Exactly what I needed.

I still have a little bit of the lingering ‘blahs’ from yesterday.  I know it’s just a lack of sleep and not enough me time.  I’m trying to remember to treat myself kindly and take it easy when I can (hence sneaking away from work…)

I started the morning off right with a green smoothie.

1/2 c frozen mango, 1/2 c baby spinach, 1 c almond milk, 1/4 c mango coconut water vega vanilla almondilla protein.  I was actually craving veggies this morning!

And plenty of healthy meals for the rest of the day.

Brown rice with chicken, broccoli and cashews, carrots and hummus, cookie dough lara bar (my favorite), pink lady apple and and a raspberry banana smoothie for the afternoon (please note water in background 🙂 ).  I would love to tell you I hadn’t eaten through half of this by 10 am but I’d be lying…

Tonight’s yoga and even though it will get me home later I’m going to make every effort to go (barring another late night surgery..)  I know my mind and body will thank me!  See you all later! 🙂