Hey all!  Hope you’re having a great night 🙂

I’m excited for 3 reasons:

First thing’s first, I got my Sun Warrior today.  And it’s magnificent. 🙂

And I’m not even talking about the taste, just look at the size of that thing!  The bag was way bigger than I expected which definitely made it worth the wait. 🙂

Second, I have a breakfast cookie getting all snuggly in the fridge for morning. 😉  (More on that in a minute…)

And third, I don’t have to work tomorrow!  I had forgotten awhile back I’d picked up a day for my coworker and she had offered to work a random day for me and that day has arrived. 🙂  I saw it in the schedule late last week but I didn’t want to get too excited because I was afraid I might jinx it.  Honestly it’s been the only thing getting me through this week.

Tonight I came home and wanted an easy, all-in-one-bowl dinner so I made myself this salad:

I mixed baby spinach and arugula, avocado and carrots with a little olive oil, lemon and sea salt and cut up an organic turkey burger to go on top. That little blob in the middle is hummus (my favorite mix-in as of late).  It was delish!  I ate  it while catching up on some blog reading. 🙂

Then I whipped up this little guy:

Banana walnut chocolate chip breakfast cookie 🙂

I used 1/3 c oats, 1/2 scoop Sun Warrior, a heaping spoonful of almond butter, about 1/8 c almond milk,a little vanilla, cinnamon and agave. My sister had picked up some bananas for us from Trader Joe’s and they were already looking a little ripe so I threw half of one in the mix along with some chopped walnuts and vegan dark chocolate chips (yep – they’re back, look out!).  I may have needed to lighten up on the almond milk a little since the banana adds some moisture but I’m sure it will be fantastic anyhow.

I realized today that the past few days I just haven’t been myself.  Running on empty has been affecting my mood, my creativity and my performance at work.  I can already feel myself starting to relax in anticipation for a day all to myself.  I’m looking forward to feeling more like me again.  I’m planning to drop the dogs off at Petsmart for day camp (so they can blow off some steam too!), get my hair done (!) then who knows…? 

I can hardly wait!

Wishing everyone a good night and sweet breakfast cookie dreams!


What would you do with a random day off? 🙂