Good morning!  🙂

How’s everyone’s week going?  I’m still trying to adjust to this new schedule. Between my longer commute and having to work on my day off I’m feeling like all my days are the same.  I’m really looking forward to a day off to break it up a little.  🙂

Last night I went to yoga and although I got home late it was definitely worth it.  I slept better than I have all week.  I’m hoping for an easy day since the last two days have kept me on my toes.

Nothing exciting with the meals today, pretty much going to be a repeater of yesterday.  I’ve been keeping it simple until I get used to the new routine 😉

I know with any change there is an adjustment period.  I’m going to give a little thought to how I can restructure my day to fit in all my priorities (exercise, spend time with the dogs, blog, SLEEP 🙂 )  More on that to come!

Hope everyone has a great Thursday!

I’m headed to work but I’ll be wishing I was here:

See you later on!


Something to look forward to:  My Sun Warrior is here!  It got shipped out to my brother’s house yesterday and I’m going to pick it up tonight. 🙂  Can’t wait to try it!