Hey all!

Hope your Saturday is going well. 🙂   I had wanted to write this morning but I was still feeling a little blah to tell you the truth.  Even after my relaxing day off yesterday I’m still so tired.  I’m pretty sure it’s a combination of things but between waking up earlier with the dogs and warmer nights I just haven’t been sleeping well.  It’s always a little harder to get psyched up to go into work on Saturdays but today it was harder than usual. Another sign that I need some more rest!

Saturdays are usually pretty busy at work (lots of quick vaccine appointments) and for some reason, no matter what I always seem to work up a sweat.  Today was even worse because the air conditioning in the exam rooms was out (and it’s 110 degrees outside!) so we had fans on, exam room doors open and plenty of ice water for clients and pets!

When I got home I was starving so I snacked on some carrots and hummus.  Eddy and Alan were by my side the whole time.  They couldn’t believe I was eating *their* carrots. 🙂

After polishing off the last of the hummus I was craving something sweet but I’m resisting the urge to turn into a snacky snackerson since I’m going to dinner with my friend Hillary for dinner and drinks in a couple hours.  Instead I’m sipping on some cool Moroccan Mint iced tea.  So refreshing and so nice after the long, hot day I’ve had. :)

I’m just starting to cool off but in about an hour I’ve got to head back out into the heat again.  But it’ll make it a little easier knowing I’ve got a couple cool drinks to look forward to when I get there.  AND when I peeked in a few minutes ago my dad was installing a ceiling fan in the bedroom I’m staying in – should make for some cooler better nights!

See you all later!