Hey! Coming at ya a little later than I hoped but we’ve been having some router trouble.  😉

I’ll catch you  up on what’s been going on:

I had a great time last night with my friend Hillary.  We had dinner at the Greene House whose menu boasts natural, farm-fresh ingredients. We both ended up having the grilled mahi tacos which were fantastic.

They were served with a little side of white beans and corn. I’m not usually a fan of beans unless they’re black beans but these were really good. Maybe it was the combination of the beans with the sweetness of the corn.  I also had a glass of pino grigio.  We chatted and caught up over drinks but had to cut our evening short due to another dust storm rolling in.  I would have loved to spend more time with Hillary but I think we were both pretty tired anyway.

This morning I *slept in* until 6:15 when Alan started barking.  An improvement but still a far cry from what I’d like.  I’m used to having at least one day a week (usually Sunday) where I can sleep in until 8 or 9.  I’m still brainstorming ways to get her to stop because if this keeps up it’s going to be rough.

Since I was up anyway I decided to make breakfast for myself and my parents.  I followed the same almond butter stuffed french toast recipe I’d been using lately but I added in some chocolate chips. I’m pretty sure you can’t really go wrong with chocolate for breakfast but this was everything I dreamed of. My dad loved it. 🙂 I had planned on eating just one slice but I ended up having two .  I should have known better 😉

Toasted bread with almond butter and dark chocolate chips.

A little agave on top (I’m convinced this makes a huge difference).

Dipped it into the egg mixture…

And voila.

Look at all that melted chocolate and almond butter.  Delicious.

A match made in heaven.  🙂

After breakfast my dad and I went for a quick hike.

Despite the large breakfast I’d had I was starving when we got home.  So much so that I dove into lunch before I had a chance to grab my camera.  😉

I had an organic turkey burger topped with eggplant hummus and arugula with black beans and corn.  It was somewhat satisfying but I was waiting for these babies.

Sweet potato fries.  🙂

I decided to get creative with a large sweet potato that I found in the pantry and fries sounded like the perfect accompaniment to my burger.  I seasoned them with cinnamon, chili powder and a little sage and then made an impromptu sauce with dijon mustard and a orange chipotle marmalade that my mom had in the fridge.  Sweet potato and mustard – another good pairing and oh man were these good!  My mom and I had a tough time saving some for my dad who was finishing installing my ceiling fan.

Now I’m off to go finish organizing the disaster that is my room.

Hope you all are having a great Sunday! 🙂