Hello again!

I’m killing a little time while my laundry’s running and I thought I’d share some of my *loot* from this morning’s Sunflower Market excursion.

Puffed millet cereal (giving it a try!), Guayaki yerba mate chocolatte (a returning favorite), another sale on kombucha (starting to love Sunflower Market) and this fun little find:

flavorganics organic coffe extract.  I’m *very* excited to try this!  I am a bigtime coffee lover but I haven’t had any since I went on a detox in April (notice I didn’t say I gave up coffee entirely, I just wanted to be more mindful of my habits and I was going on 3 or more cups a day…)  I’m looking forward to trying out new flavor combos.  Coffee Banana Crunch smoothie anyone? 🙂

Tonight I made dinner for the fam.

Baked salmon with green beans and lemon artichoke hummus quinoa with spinach.  I cooked 1 cup quinoa as per package directions then when it was nearly finished I added in a handful of shredded baby spinach, a little olive oil, sea salt and lemon zest and about 2 tbsp of artichoke hummus I’d found at Sunflower Market.  So yummy!  And so continues my love affair with hummus…. 

And speaking of love affairs, we enjoyed our dinner while watching The Bachelorette.  As I watched two contestants get kicked off and all of the guys being interviewed behind the scenes it really struck me how desperately all of these guys want to find *the one*.  I realize it’s not an entirely realistic circumstance and it’s likely scripted to some extent but I do think much of the emotion is genuine and it truly goes to show that we all just long to be loved and accepted for who we are.  Watching these guys put it all out there (and some even cry) on-screen although sad (and sometimes slightly humorous…) in a way is a refreshing little reminder that we’re not in this alone.  🙂

So now that my heart and belly are full for the night I think I’m going to go to bed.  I have an early session with Kenny in the morning and I want to try and get in a nice looooong run.

Good night!