Good evening. 🙂

Well as any of you who have been following along know, lately I’ve been in a little bit of a workout rut and I’ve been looking for a way to switch it up.  Enter solution: I purchased a Groupon for two weeks of pure barre classes.  It sounds like this might be just the thing I need to up the ante.  My sister is currently doing a one month membership before she leaves for San Diego so I figured I’d cash in while we’re still able to go together.

The class alleges a low impact, fat burning workout that promises to tone your tush and thighs and provide the relaxation and mental benefits of yoga. Sign me up!  My first class is tomorrow at 6 am which means I’ll be leaving the house around 5:15 in the morning.  (Yikes!)

I’m hoping the early mornings will help get me back in the habit of going to bed early (and that this in turn will help curb my late night snacking..) but mostly I’m just looking forward to seeing a change in my body as a result of a new exercise and spending time with my sis.

My morning blog posts may be a little few and far between the next couple weeks but I’ll try not to be a stranger. 🙂

Well I’m off to pack up my food and workout clothes so I can get to bed early!

See you tomorrow!