Hey guys! How’s your day going?

Mine started off on a rather blue note. 😉

Smoothie w/ 1 c frozen blueberries, a handful of spinach, 1 c almond milk, a little cinnamon and the coffee extract I bought yesterday.  I love sneaking spinach into smoothies as a way to get some extra greens and I honestly couldn’t even taste it in this one.

I also felt the need to *sample* some of my new puffed millet cereal. 🙂

I topped the cereal off with a little cinnamon and agave and some almond milk.  It was good but I wasn’t quite satisfied..

There we go.  Now that’s what I call breakfast. 🙂

At my trainer’s today we worked upper body and then he wanted to test my cardiovascular fitness so he popped me on the treadmill to see how far I could run in 12 minutes.  Kenny wanted see how my distance and heart rate measured up this time around compared to the last time we’d checked it in March.  He had warned me yesterday that this was coming but I still grumbled at the idea a bit.

For starters, I had control of the speed setting on the treadmill so it was all a matter of how far I felt I could push myself and I didn’t really see how this was going to ‘prove’ anything.  Second, I rely on Kenny for mostly weight training and had already planned on running after our session and I felt his little test was intruding on my precious workout time.  As I picked up speed and my jog turned into a full out sprint I found myself silently lamenting about how this was cutting into my cardio time and that’s when I realized the irony of it.  I decided right then and there to just shut up and take it easy already. 🙂

After my 12 minutes were up (and I was able to finally catch my breath) I apologized to Kenny for questioning his training.  He took it all in stride and told me not to worry because he never pays any attention to what I say anyway (yes, we have that kind of a relationship).  It’s a good thing because we all need someone to push us a little now and then.  In the end it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and I ended up getting a jump start on the day’s cardio.  (By the way I ended up knocking my old stats out of the park 😉 ).

I drove over to the gym and as I finished up with my run I was pleased to find lots of inspiration and ideas for the blog coming back, so many ideas in fact that I had to keep stopping mid-run to jot them all down in my iPhone.  I think it’s in large part to having read some of Julie’s (pbfingers) blogging tips last night but I was really starting to feel better about the blog.  What especially hit home for me was the advice about just being authentic and being yourself.  I think I already knew deep down the importance and truth to those words of wisdom but sometimes it just takes being reminded.

After 30 minutes of running I switched over to the elliptical.  I figured I’d already run enough and besides the elliptical machine is always a safer bet than the treadmill when I’m glued to my phone during moments of inspiration. 🙂

This afternoon I had a really great therapy session that really brought home all of my thoughts about being authentic with my blog and in general and what it means to me (therapy post to follow!)  It’s funny but I’m nearly always really hungry after a more ‘intense’ therapy session like that (self discovery is hard work sometimes 🙂 ).  Good thing it’s nearly time for dinner.  I think I’ll have a mixed bowl (chicken and whatever veggies I can find mixed with a little olive oil, lemon and hummus I’m sure), then back for a little more writing.

See you guys later!