Hey! Hope everyone’s having a great Wednesday – halfway through the week!

(although this is actually my Monday..) 😉

Well pure barre kicked my rear.  It was definitely tougher than I thought it would be.  Lots of small movements but don’t be fooled, you really feel it! We did a lot of mini single-leg squats up against the barre and midway through my glutes were on fire.  I really like that I feel like it’s working different muscles. Supposedly you start to see results in 10 days so I’ll keep you posted!

I was really tired this morning but after class I felt rejuvenated.  It felt nice to get into work early and get a jump start on my day.  I also really like checking my workout off my list first thing in the morning. 🙂

Work has been a little slow so far so I decided to head out for my lunch break to Starbucks (where else?). I ordered a tall green tea to get my foot in the door but I really just like sitting here and thinking and taking in the day.

(A mid-day snack: Raw Revolution chocolate cashew bar)

Lately I’m really feeling the urge to take a trip somewhere.  Just pack my bags, get on a plane and go.  I don’t have any particular place in mind, I just kind of feel like getting away.  Maybe it’s just that time of year and I need a break from the AZ heat or perhaps I’ve just got a little bit of the travel bug.  As of now I don’t have any trips planned until September but I may have to see if I can come up with something..

Well it’s back to work.  Hope you have a good one!


Have you ever been bitten by the travel bug?  If you could get away for a few days where would you go?