Hey! How was everyone’s Friday?

Mine was a little frantic.  Our fire alarm went off in the middle of the night and woke me up.  Then I couldn’t get back to sleep until about an hour before I needed to be up and so of course I overslept (and missed pure barre 😦 ).  Needless to say I got a late start this morning which wasn’t a good thing since I was the only one seeing patients again.  Luckily most of my clients were really understanding.   Let me tell you it was a busy day for pets!  The schedule was booked the entire day along with some work-in appointments so I was pretty much on the go non-stop.   By the time I left work I felt like it was 10:00 at night.

Still, there were some high points to my crazy day…

This helped…

(A cutie pie boarding dog I examined at the end of the day).

…and so did this.

(Almond ice cream from the Arabic market.  So rich and creamy, tastes like butter pecan only better!)

And coming home to this probably helped the most.

My baby.

This pic taken courtesy of my sister while I was at work.  Love coming home to my little snuggle bunny. 🙂

I’m filling in tomorrow for my still-injured coworker.  It kills me to have to pick up an extra Saturday but someone’s gotta do it.  I’m going to try and keep a positive attitude and make the best of it.  The schedule for tomorrow looks just as crazy but I’m sure there’s bound to be some high notes in there too. 🙂

See you tomorrow!