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Hey! 🙂

Hope everyone had a great Sunday.  Remember my list from this morning?

Well here’s how I did:

Morning hike.     Check 🙂  And it was a hot one.  (104 degrees when I finished!)

Pick up Eddy’s medicine (along with a few groceries).      Check, and check!

There’s a Fry’s grocery store I only go to when I need to fill Eddy’s prescription but every time I’m there I wonder why I don’t go more often.  I mean, seriously get a load of this place.

(Bonus: there’s a Cold Stone inside the store!)

Oil change.     Unfortunately I drove all the way over to my mechanic’s to find they were closed.  They used to have Sunday hours but they must have switched it up on me.  I’ll have to try again on Tuesday.

Possibly look into getting my camera fixed.     Check.  And bonus, it’s under warranty so the repair will be free. 🙂

Pure barre.  I’d planned on going to the afternoon class but by the time I got home from running all around town I was hot and tired.  Besides my morning hike was enough of a workout for one day so I decided to take it easy instead.

Hopefully work on some writing.     Check.  I put a big dent in the piece I’d been working on which I’m really happy about since that’s been the biggest source of the sour patch kids for me lately.

image source

(That’s the term I use for the tension I get in my cheeks when I’m stressed since it feels like I’m sucking on a bunch of sour patch kids).  😉

Dog park???     Not exactly…It was a little too hot for the dog park so my dad and I took the dogs for a nice long walk instead.  I hadn’t spent much time with my dad lately so it was a good chance for us to catch up, and the dogs got their exercise too!

All in all not too bad!

Here’s hoping tomorrow is just as productive.

Good night! 🙂