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Good morning!

Well it’s Sunday and I’ve got a lot on my plate today (literally and figuratively!)

This morning’s breakfast:

A mini smoothie (shared with my mom).  My sister bought these glasses for Christmas 2 years ago but we consider them everyday use.  🙂

Small piece of kataifi, a greek pastry with walnuts, cinnamon, honey orange and lemon that was given to my mom by a friend.  I’d never heard of it before but his little guy was delicious, very light and flaky.

breakfast cookie a la fitnessista (with banana and dark chocolate chips).

I was still hungry and craving something very particular…

A slice of Ezekiel bread toasted with cranberry apple butter and a an egg on top.  (Inspired by Julie’s healthified egg mcmuffin posted this morning)

Satisfied!  And a little overly stuffed, but in a good way. 😉

Today’s plan:

Morning hike.

Pick up Eddy’s medicine (along with a few groceries).

Oil change.

Possibly look into getting my camera fixed  (I dropped it last night and was hoping it just needed a little ‘rest’ but I think it’s a little  more complicated than that…)

Pure barre.

Hopefully work on some writing.

Dog park???

Clearly a full day and as you can see I’m already off to a late start so I’d better get crackin’! 🙂

See you all later!


Something random:

As I was wrapping up this post my mom commented, “Eddy’s under the table, literally and not figuratively.”  (We’re constantly pointing out what the dogs are up to).

I asked her what does that even mean from a figurative standpoint?

And she replied, matter of factly, “You know, like he’s had too much to drink.”

Ha! Ok then. 🙂

Eddy under the table, in a figurative sense of course.