Hey!  Hope everyone’s week is off to a good start.  🙂

I had one goal today:

pure barre




I actually did set out for pure barre this morning on time and ended up late because I couldn’t find it. Don’t ask.  The past few times I’ve gone I’ve followed my sister and this morning she didn’t go.  I thought I knew where it was but I guess I was wrong (mind you this is all occurring before 6 am).

So I ended up heading to Starbucks instead.  I finished the blog post I was working on last night on my iPhone (I was sans laptop) then I sat and journaled for a bit.

I ordered a venti iced black soy latte with sugar free hazelnut syrup.  I was in fun mode again 🙂

It was actually really nice to just have an hour or so to think and relax before work and I’m glad I did because today was crazy.

I was covering for my part-time coworker so I had an early day but I still had to hustle to get out of there by 3:45.  Then it was off to meet with the realtor who got me signed up on Listingbook, a website where she can send me properties and I can comment on which ones I like or don’t like, or ones I want to go see.  Getting excited to start the house hunting process! 🙂

After the meeting with my realtor I was starving (we were so busy at work that I didn’t actually get to sit down and have lunch) so I stopped by yogurtland.  I was craving something cold and sweet.  I got a mix of coconut and kona coffee frozen yogurt with cookie dough chips and sliced almonds.

yum! 🙂

Since it was still relatively early (I normally don’t leave work until after 6:30) I decided to stop by Trader Joe’s.  It was nice to mix it up with the ‘after-work crowd’ rather than the late night stragglers I usually see when I stop for groceries on the way home.  actually felt like a normal person heading home after work for once!

Now I’m home early, making dinner and getting ready to watch the Bachelorette.

Not too bad for a Monday!

See you in the morning. 🙂