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Hey, how was everyone’s day? 🙂

I had a fairly busy one at work.  I kept my energy up mid day with this little snack:

Organic cherries and Pirate’s Booty (piratebrands).  It was my first time trying it and it was pretty tasty!  Only 130 calories for a one ounce bag (which is more than you think).  Plus what’s not fun about pirates? 🙂

I brought the dogs with me to work today because Eddy was having some upset stomach issues.  Since it had been a long day, I decided a quick stop at the park would do them some good.  There’s a park on my way home with a walking trail that goes all the way around a big lake. We made it about halfway around before heading back.  It was one hot tamale out tonight!

Truthfully I’d been feeling a little blah today but getting out and watching them run around and have a blast was an instant mood lifter.   It was a nice break from the usual routine and a gave me a good chance to clear my head.

And besides, how could you not smile at this? 🙂

Happy dogs!

Now they’re all tuckered out and snoozing and I’m getting ready to do the same. 🙂 Hoping to hit pure barre in the morning..