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Hope everyone had a great day. 🙂

I had another busy one.  I’m still covering for a sick coworker so it’s been twice the appointments, calls, paperwork, etc.

I’m glad I made it to pure barre this morning.  🙂  it was a good workout, lots of inner and outer thigh work.  I’m already sore!  My two week trial is up next Wednesday but I definitely think I’d do it again.  I can really feel the benefits in just after just a couple classes and I like the idea of sculpting by working smaller muscles.  I’m just on the verge of ordering the Tracy Anderson videos. I think her workouts have a similar concept.

This morning’s breakfast:

Puffed millet cereal with bananas, cinnamon, agave and almond milk.  That heart-shaped blob in the center is peanut butter. 🙂

The busy work day kept me mostly on my toes but I did hit a bit of an energy slump mid-afternoon.  I was still fighting a case of the blahs and since I had the doctor’s office to myself I decided to have a puppy love fest.

I grabbed this little cutie to hang out with me I sorted through some paperwork.  She’s one of the *chorkie* (chihuahua/yorkie) puppies my boss is trying to find a home for.  I’m tempted…  🙂

Tonight I’ve been sorting through blog design templates and I’m a little overwhelmed.  There are so many to choose from but so far nothing that seems to quite fit what I’m looking for.   Thinking I may have to go with a custom design…

Well I’m off to get some sleep.  It’s going to be another busy one tomorrow!  Night! 🙂


Question:  What are your thoughts on blog design?  Template or custom?  If template, which one do you use?