I have a problem…

with peanut butter.

Well, it’s all nut butters actually.  Peanut, almond, cashew, creamy or crunchy, salted or unsalted.  I don’t discriminate.  I add it to cereal and oats, spread it on rice cakes (with cocoa and agave – yum!), I eat it by the spoonful.  In fact, I’m eating some right now.

Protein fluff (pb, sunwarrior and almond milk)

Doesn’t sounds like such a big problem right?  Except lately I can’t seem to limit myself to one serving.  Much like the infatuation phase of a new relationship I can’t keep my hands off the stuff.  I just keep going back for more.  And I like it.  

Even though nut butters contain healthy fats, I know eating large quantities isn’t the greatest for my waistline.  Maybe that’s part of the problem, because I know it’s healthy I tell myself it’s ok to consume a serving of almond butter the size of my fist.  

I even convinced myself that the third serving of peanut butter protein fluff I ate while writing this post was necessary for inspiration.  (A writer must know her subject.. )

It’s seriously out of control.  Whole jars of nut butter are being consumed within a week.

Sadness is an empty jar of almond butter.

A simple solution would be to simply stop buying peanut butter and the like but I don’t want to give up eating it entirely.  I know we can find a relationship that works for both of us, I just have yet to figure it out.

They say the first step is admitting you have a problem.  So here we go…

Hi, my name is Kristi and I’m addicted to peanut butter.  And chocolate.  But you already know all about that.

I want to hear from you! How do you implement portion control when it comes to your favorite foods?  What’s your favorite nut butter?  (Mine’s almond!  🙂)