Hi! 🙂

Hope everyone’s weekend is off to a great start.  I jump started mine with this breakfast:

Protein oats with banana, peanut butter and cinnamon and a cherry smoothie (I snuck a handful of spinach in there ;))

I knew I was heading out for a long workout and I wanted to fuel up.  I usually see my trainer Kenny on Saturdays but he’s out of town so my brother and I had planned to meet up for a gym session and lunch.  I haven’t really had a chance to hang out him since he moved back from Miami so it was nice.  I did my bro’s upper body workout (with lighter weights for me 😉 ) and ran 6 miles on the treadmill.  It felt good to get a nice long cardio session in!

After the gym we ran a few errands then tried to settle on a place for lunch.  I was craving a salad and Dan was in more of a sandwich mood.  We drove around a little while looking for a place that would suit both of us.  There was a build your own salad place in the vicinity that I’d been dying to try out but I knew it wasn’t really up Dan’s alley. We glanced at the menu of an Italian sub shop but the salad offerings were pretty meager (I hate places that put salads on the menu as an afterthought).  The more we searched the hungrier I got and the crankier I started to feel (I’m generally pretty even keel but my level of irritation rises exponentially with hunger).  Luckily my bro spotted daphne’s, a *califorina greek* cafe.  The california greek denotes healthier dining options like wheat pitas and grilled seafood along with the typical greek staples like and pita sandwiches and gyros . Perfect. 🙂

My bro opted for the classic chicken pita with hummus and multigrain pita chips.

I ordered the chicken salad with pine nuts and pomegranate dressing and Zico coconut water to drink (love that they had coconut water on the menu!)

(There’s chicken under there I swear!)

It was a delicious post-workout meal and great happy medium for my brother and I.

Now I’m off to celebrate my Grandma’s birthday.  She’s 91 years old today! 🙂

(A pic from last year)

See you all later! 🙂