Hey hope you all are having a great Monday!

( I’m off work today so you know I am 😉

Now that my sister’s finished at work (she leaves for San Diego in 3 weeks) I wanted to spend the day with her hanging out, doing a little shopping, going out to eat…basically what we do best. 🙂

This morning we dropped the dogs off at Petsmart.

Then hit up the gym for some cardio.  Nance ran but I stuck to the eliptical glued to my iPhone since I had some *work* to do. 😉

Then I took Nance with me for a session with my trainer Kenny.  She got a little peak into my workout routine and also got to see how we act a little crazy…

Now we’re back at the house getting showered up and all that good stuff. 🙂  Looking forward to a day of shopping and hanging out with my sis (Bachelorette finale tonight!). Fun stuff! 🙂

Now the not so fun part (it is Monday morning after all…)  The past few days I’ve been thinking about my budget.  I usually try and review my spending goals around the first of the month so here we are.

When I moved in with my parents, one of the perks was being able to save a few extra months’ worth of rent and bills.  I think over the past month I’ve started to use that as a little bit of an excuse to spend whatever I want in other areas.  It’s like I figure, “I’m not paying rent so I can shell out a little more for some new clothes or dining out here or there.”  I actually knew that it was going to be helpful to have a little extra spending money this time of year as I do have a few trips coming up (annual girl’s trip with my best friends next month, wedding in October…)  While that’s all good and well I do need to remember that I have a goal in mind.  Ultimately I’m here so I can save towards my house.  So while having the extra cushion is nice for unplanned expenses I do still want to be sure to be mindful and cut back in other areas.

Budgeting is definitely not the most fun-filled task but like any other area of life I think it’s important to be honest with yourself.  I use Mint as an online budgeting tool and it usually helps keep me in check but lately I’ve been slacking a little bit.  So this morning I went through and set my budgets for the month, including some additional income set aside for savings and *miscellaneous.* 🙂  It feels good to have a plan and it also helps me to see where I need to cut back.  Plus setting aside a little surplus gives me some room to breathe so when I do get the urge to do a little shopping (ahem…) or need to shell out some cash for a last minute trip to Philly for HLS I know I’ve got it covered.

So on that note, I’m off to put a little dent in that miscellaneous category.  (Don’t worry, only a *little* dent)  I actually have a Nordstrom gift card that’s been burning a hole in my pocket and since Nance is saving for her move we’ll help keep each other in check.

See you all later!