Hey how’s everyone’s day going so far?

I started mine off with two of my favorite things: a smoothie and a long run. 🙂

I usually look to a long cardio session to give me some time to mentally decompress a little. This morning, however, I wasn’t feel as relaxed as I usually do.  Even my trainer Kenny could tell my mind was on a million other things.  When I met up with him after my run he took me through a lower body workout and I was physically there but just going through the motions. Coming off of a few days away from work, I had been thinking about the upcoming week, dreading getting back into the grind and lamenting over the things I hadn’t done over my days off that I’d wanted to.  I struggled to de-stress on my drive home (I did want to enjoy my last day off after all) then suddenly, out of nowhere a gust of motivation hit me.  I felt inspired to tackle that pile of laundry that’s been sitting on my floor, prepare some meals for the week and get around to some cleaning and organizing I’ve been putting off.  Suddenly all of these little tasks didn’t seem so daunting, it felt like something I actually wanted to do.

So right now I’m pre-heating the oven and brewing some tea and for the next few hours I’m ready to ride the motivation wave wherever it takes me.

Wish me luck! I’ll catch up with you later tonight! 🙂