Hi guys! Hope everyone’s week is off to a great start. 🙂

This is an unexpected day off for me so I decided to take advantage of it to get some things done.

I woke up early and had another breakfast smoothie bowl.

This one had frozen raspberries and blackberries, spinach, cocoa and organic coffee extract. Yum! 🙂

I also had a rice cake with TJ’s sunflower butter.  I am loving this stuff!  If you haven’t tried it yet go out and get some. 🙂

My sister and I had planned on hitting up the gym early but we got off to a late start. I’d had visions of an early workout and then having the day to work on some blog stuff in a nice quiet house.  When we finally got to the gym and it was approaching 11:00 I started feeling a little stressed but since we’d already committed to going to the gym I decided to make the best of it. I took my stress out on the treadmill. 🙂

I had one of the best runs I’ve had in a long time. This morning I was in the mood for an interval workout.  I haven’t done intervals in a long time and it felt really good to switch it up. I ran for about an hour with steadily increasing speed like and I varied between a 0 and 6.0 incline.  After this run I felt like a champ. 😀  I definitely want to start incorporating more intervals into my cardio sessions.

By the time we got home I was huuuuuungry.  I had a small bowl of brown rice with chicken, celery, cashews, garlic and tamari.

And a giant veggie salad.

Mixed greens with arugula, zucchini, brussels sprouts and butternut squash and Trader Joe’s Goddess Dressing.  I picked this up last week for my dad after reading about it several times on Gina’s website (fitnessista).  It was the only salad dressing option I saw that somewhat fit into our detox diet and I knew my dad would want to be able to reach for an easy dressing for his salads. I hadn’t even planned on using it (I usually prefer to make my own dressing) but I decided to try it today and let me tell you this stuff is good.  Like crazy seriously addicting good!  Salads had better watch out!

Ok now it’s time to get down to some blog business! 🙂

See you all in a bit!