Hi there! 🙂

Ever wonder what crazy people do at 1:00 in the morning? Well I’m about to tell you.

Last night I went to bed around 10:30.  I was tired and had every intention of going straight to sleep.  I shut out the light and got all cozy in my comforter and then the second my head hit the pillow my mind started racing. I was thinking about everything I wanted to remember to pack up in the morning (today I have a few appointments after my morning training session and since it’s too far to drive back to my parent’s place I’m lugging all of my things and getting ready at my brother’s house).

I was also thinking about the blog and all of the things I still wanted to to get done.  I treasure my sleep, especially on my days off, and so clearly I love when these little moments of ‘inspiration’ come late at night. However, I knew that if I tried to fight it I’d probably just lay there stressing until 2 am so I just decided to go with it.  I pulled out my laptop and read (sort of – I’m nearly blind without my contacts) through the wordpress domain transfer instructions and by some miracle (and not as much effort as I originally thought) I actually managed to transfer my blog to my domain! 🙂

Move over http://www.lifesprinklesdotcom.wordpress.com (good riddance!), hello http://www.lilfesprinkles.com!

(I was so shocked when I first typed in the domain and it actually pulled up my blog I had to check it twice!)

I’m happy about having a legit domain name but I think I’m more excited that when I comment on other people’s blogs I no longer have to include my clunky, lengthy wordpress.com name (he was always dragging me down).

Unfortunately, as a result of my late night ventures this morning I’m feeling like this

which is going to be trouble because my trainer Kenny said he had a high energy workout for me.

But I think it was worth it. 🙂

Well I’m off to the gym, wish me luck!