Hey there. 🙂 What are you up to this Sunday evening?

Just winding down for the night over here. 🙂

Today was pretty relaxed day. I slept in until nearly 10:30 (making up for yesterday) spent most of the morning writing and uploading pictures.

I tore myself away from the computer long enough to make lunch.

Spinach salad with ahi tuna and quinoa with snap peas and celery. I drizzled a warm dressing of tamari (dark soy), rice wine vinegar, olive oil and sesame seeds over top. I am pretty much obsessed with quinoa lately. 🙂

Late afternoon my mom and I headed out to run some errands. I picked up this bikini top from Victoria’s Secret (only 16 dollars with a coupon my sister gave me).

I plan to pair it with some plain black bottoms I already own (not too bad for a whole new bathing suit!). I also found a plain gold chain necklace I’d been looking for. I have a gold initial charm that I lost the chain to awhile back and I’ve been dying to wear it again.

And Mom did some damage at Barnes and Noble, as usual. 😉

It was nice to spend time with my Mom. Even though we’re living together these days it seems like we have so much going on lately that we rarely actually hang out.

After we got home I took the dogs for a walk then baked some salmon and served it up alongside sauteed kale with onion, black beans and pineapple for the fam. 🙂

It was a lovely light dinner we all enjoyed while watching The Next Food Network Star finale.

Now I’m off to bed. Since my sister leaves this weekend I want to try and spend my evenings this week at home but I would like to fit in some exercise too. So the plan is to hike Monday, Wednesday and Thursday morning this week. We’ll see how I do!

Good night! 🙂