Hey there!

How was everyone’s Tuesday? I spent most of the day out and about with my sister. Here’s a little recap.


Another smoothie in a bowl. (This one had frozen blueberries, spinach, almond butter, sun warrior, cocoa and cinnamon). I may never actually drink another breakfast again. 🙂

I was running a little late to meet my trainer and didn’t get to the gym early enough to go for a long run like I’d planned so I did a frantic fifteen minutes on the spin bike instead.

A little cardio is better than no cardio. 🙂 My session with Kenny was a total body workout. We even did a little yoga!

After the gym my sister and I met up for a little last minute shopping before she leaves for San Diego and I head to Philly for the weekend. We spent a few hours at the mall but neither of us had much luck so we decided to call it quits and head to lunch at True Food.

It was a slightly different experience than the last time I’d dined here. I ordered the ahi tuna appetizer from the specials menu. It sounded great from the server’s description. I was picturing an ahi tuna steak with a side of jicama slaw, a perfect light little lunch. What arrived was this:

The slices of ahi were paper thin, I didn’t see any sign of jicama or anything that resembled a ‘slaw’ on the plate. I knew there was no way this was going to fill me up for lunch. Let me just say that I have never sent any item back in a restaurant *ever* but when the server saw my displeased look and asked if I wanted something else I happily took her up on her offer. I went with the chicken chopped salad instead.

It was delicious.

Now we’re talking. 🙂

After a long day out and about I came home and participated in fitblog chat. Always fun to meet new people. 🙂 Then my sis helped me pack for Healthy Living Summit this weekend.

Even though it’s only Tuesday, my flight on Friday leaves at 5 am so I’ll be staying at my brother’s place a little closer to the airport Thursday night. I wanted to pack tonight in case I ended up at work late tomorrow. Besides, as someone who’s usually up late packing until the very last minute it’s nice to feel prepared for once. 🙂

Now after a long and productive day I’m definitely ready for bed!

Good night!

See you all tomorrow!