Here we are week two of the Clean Program! (sorry I’m a little late on the update). For any of you who have been following along you already know that I haven’t been as strict this week and I’ve allowed a few cheats.



(Ok more than a few)


As a matter of fact my first *cheat* came last Thursday night. It had been a long day at work, I was tired and stressed (two of my very well known overeating triggers) and I gave in to a sweet-talking chocolate brownie at Starbucks. In fact I was eating it as I was writing my post reviewing week one.

I was lying through my chocolate covered teeth. (Although I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed every last bite).

I already knew with my upcoming trip to Philly for HLS this weekend that I was going to be taking a brief hiatus from the program (the plan is to come back and complete another two weeks of clean eating before I head to Vegas) so that may have contributed to my more relaxed mindset. I also had anticipated that I’d be inclined to be a little more lax with round two since I’d already come off of the program once before.

Still, despite my slip-ups and the side effects I’d noticed (the brownie gave me a headache but was oh-so-worth-it), I’ve actually been feeling pretty good. This week I’ve had a couple days of feeling a little chubby/bloated (which I experienced around this time with the last cleanse also) but overall I still feel much lighter than before I started. I’ve also had better energy in general and my mood has been really stable (Not that I’m ‘unstable’ normally, I’m actually usually pretty even keel. I’ve just felt especially so if that makes sense). Perhaps most importantly, when I have strayed I’ve been able to keep my portions in check rather than allowing it to turn into a full on feeding frenzy like I have in the past.

One nice and unexpected surprise was that the Clean Team tweeted me on a couple occasions with some encouragement. Just another reason why I love this program and the community that comes along with it. 🙂

I’m not going to beat myself up for straying from the plan a little. It’s just another reminder that eating well and being healthy really is a lifestyle, and that nobody’s perfect. There isn’t likely going to be one program you can stick to 100% of the time. Being too strict for too long is a sure recipe for failure. It’s much better to find a healthy balance. And if that means devouring a brownie once in awhile then so be it! After all, life is meant for living. 🙂