Hey! How’s everyone? 🙂

Boy it does not feel like a Monday to me. I’m not sure why. I’m back to work after vacation and back on the Clean Program. Nothing is more Monday than that!

We have been super slow at work this morning which is kind of nice every now and then because I feel like it gives me extra time to look up things I don’t always have time for (today I was researching diabetic dog treats for a client), I also got a chance to sneak out for bit for lunch which I love. 😉

I ran to Whole Foods and grabbed a big salad from the salad bar.

Organic kale and mixed greens with red cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, brussels sprouts and sunflower seeds.

In lieu of dressing I drizzled a little balsalmic vinegar on top and a blob of basil hummus in the center. 🙂

I also grabbed this macrobar to have on hand in case I was dying for something sweet afterwards.

Bars aren’t ideal on the Clean Program because of the sugar content but the ingredients are all clean (organic brown rice syrup, organic cashew butter, organic puffed brown rice and cashews) – correct me if I’m wrong guys! With 18 g of sugar though I’m going to try and stick with half.

When the cashier packed it all up for me I smiled at how it looked like a little lunch box and it made me think of how it’s a far cry from the type of lunches I used to take to school.

I’ve come a long way. 😉

Now it’s back to work. I think I’m seeing a mouse this afternoon for a possible upper respiratory infection – that will be a first!

See you later!


What was your favorite lunch box item when you were younger? (Mine were nutty bars! 🙂 )