Hey how was everyone’s Wednesday?

We were super slow today at work which actually ended up being a good thing because I had a nagging headache most of the day.

I snuck out to Paradise Bakery mid-day for some tea and quiet time.

It’s always nice to try and give myself a little extra TLC (or *tea-L-C* in this case!), especially when I’m not feeling so great. Since I didn’t have many appointments this afternoon I was able to kick back a little bit. Usually when I have some unexpected down time I have to resist the urge to tackle my to-do list but since I kept it light and relaxing with a little reading plus some puppy snuggles in the office. 😉

I’m feeling a little better this evening. At Starbucks sipping on a little vanilla rooibos tea before yoga. 🙂

Hope you all have a relaxing evening!