Hey how’s Friday night treatin’ ya? 🙂

Today I…

Booked a plane ticket to Vegas…

(My friend Katie’s bachelorette party is in two weeks!! I’m getting really excited!)

Drank water at happy hour…

(I finally kicked the migraine this afternoon and didn’t want anything to re-trigger it, plus still trying to stay on the Clean Program for a few more days)

Got dressed up for a date I didn’t go on

(Allow me explain…)

My B&N guy had asked if I wanted to get together this weekend and said he’d call me tonight after work. I wasn’t sure if that would turn into an impromptu meet up (and didn’t want to show up smelling like dogs) so I changed and spritzed up a little before leaving work. He did call but totally threw me a curve ball by asking me to do dinner this Sunday. Sunday night dinner for a first date…? I’m intrigued. 🙂

Now this old lady is curled up with some peppermint tea and ready to hit the hay.

Night! 🙂