Hey! 🙂 How’s everyone’s morning so far?

I had wanted to post some pics last night’s chia pudding attempt but the router was on the fritz (one of the perks of living in the middle of nowhere). It was nothing to write about anyway. I think this may be my last brush with chia seed pudding. Maybe I didn’t flavor it well or maybe I’m just not a fan? Anybody have a good recipe?

This morning’s breakfast:

Frozen cherries and blueberries, 1 handful of spinach, almond milk, chocolate protein powder (+ a little extra cocoa powder), flax and a little coffee extract. <—- Try this, it’s a good one. 🙂

I had a quick session with my trainer (alternating between strength moves and intervals on the spin bike) then stopped by the bro’s house quick to blog, change and grab a quick snack (no time to trek all the way out to my parent’s place).

I mixed about 1/3 scoop sunwarrior protein powder with a packet of Justin’s chocolate almond butter and spread it on a rice cake. Yum!

I’m off to get my hair done in a few minutes. I’ve been contemplating a new look ever since a friend sent me an email a few weeks back recommending that I try the ombre hair style. I had seen it on a few celebrities but didn’t really know there was a term for it. For anyone who’s curious like me, according to yourdictionary.com :



shaded or graduated in tone: said of a color
Here are a few celebs who are rocking the style:
Drew Barrymore

Lily Aldridge


Giuliana Rancic


Apparently it’s supposed to be a summer hair trend (sort of a beachy surfer girl look) but I think it could actually transition nicely into fall. My stylist Nick has spent a lot of time working on my color and the quality of my hair ever since I first came to him a few years ago after receiving one of the worst haircuts of my life (what I refer to as my ‘Bon Jovi haircut.’ You can imagine). Since then he’s worked wonders with my hair so I’ll always defer to his expertise. We’ll see what he thinks about the ombre style!

Well I’m off! Hope you’re all having a great day! 🙂


Whats the worst haircut you’ve ever had in your life? There was a period of time when my mom kept mine and my sister’s hair really short, basically a boy cut (probably for convenience). We always joke about how our mom raised us to be fine young gentlemen. 🙂