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Hey how was everyone’s day? 🙂

Mine was a long one! It was a surgery day today and I was all business. Not just because I had a busy surgery schedule (I did) but because I had a goal in mind, a white chocolate one.

About a month ago I’d purchased a Groupon for the White Chocolate Grill and yesterday I noticed it expired today. I didn’t want to lose out on my deal so I knew I’d better hop to it and I had just the dining partner in mind.

My mom is my food soul mate (I believe we all have one). I don’t know anyone else who truly enjoys food as much as I do. We share a love of coffee, Italian food, pasta and gelato (as well as a mutual affection for anchovies on our pizza) and have been known to plan whole trips around food. A recent vacation to San Antonio (from which the above photo was taken) basically centered around a single bowl of guacamole. My dining choices have lightened up these days, but for the most part but we still enjoy many of the same things.

We met up at The White Chocolate Grill after work and went straight to work.

I ordered the *famous* chopped chicken salad.

It came with golden raisins, almonds, goat cheese, and a yogurt sauce ***note the word dressing was not used here nor would not apply. It tasted absolutely fresh and delicious.

My mom went with the fish special, a blackened hawaiian ono with beurre blanc sauce, chopped pistachios and israeli cous cous.

We shared entrees as we gossiped over the recently announced Dancing With the Stars cast and plotted out our next food adventure (a five course Italian meal at a restaurant nearby my office) – all this while we were still eating mind you. I ended up saving half of my salad for tomorrow’s lunch (it was huge!) but not because I was too full.

No, I had something else in mind..

Behold, the white chocolate brownie.

A warm blondie baked fresh and bathed in chocolate sauce, topped with rich french vanilla ice cream and a thick white chocolate ribbon hat that would rival that of any of the royal wedding attendees.

From the menu labeled ‘Desserts For Two,’ I asked my mom, “Do you really think we’re going to eat all this?”

We did our best.

(After this shot I took one final bite. It was the best bite)

And now, after a long day’s work and with my belly full of white chocolate brownie goodness I am thoroughly exhausted.

I am going to sleep very well tonight. 🙂


I told you about my food soul mate. Have you found yours? (PS: It’s ok to have more than one!)