Hey! How is everyone’s weekend going so far? 🙂

Today started off with a smoothie in a bowl.

Frozen blueberries and cherries, spinach, chia and cocoa.

So you can see that post-Clean not much has changed around here. 😉

Work was pretty uneventful except that I had Eddy in at the clinic today because he ate the stuffing out of his dog bed. 

But more on that in a minute.

Today, since I didn’t really feel like making a lunch this morning so I just grabbed a bunch of snacks to graze on all day.

roasted salted peas and a coconut granola macrobar

a small salad of romaine, pea shoots and pear and a smoothie (the smoothie was left over from yesterday and I honestly can’t remember what was in it but I gave it a little shake and it surprisingly didn’t taste all that bad 🙂 )

So sometime Thursday night Eddy decided it would be be a good idea to eat half his dog bed. Ok so I’m exaggerating, but he did eat a fair amount of the nylon stuffing out of the inside (evidenced by two piles of vomit I awoke to Friday morning).

Yesterday I took an xray of his abdomen that showed that he’s completely full of fluff (confirming what I’d suspected all along). I could see a fair amount of foreign material in his stomach but there was no sign of an obstruction. Since he’d been acting relatively normal I decided to give him some fluids, wait 24 hours and repeat another xray to see if we could get things moving along.

Today he had another round of xrays and it does appear that things are moving along smoothly so far. I’m hoping this continues to be the case since I really don’t want to have to take him to surgery to remove it. (It’s always a little weird doing surgery on my own pets. I could always ask my boss to do it if I really wanted but I think I’ll probably just buck up).

So now we wait. Right now Eddy’s sitting on the kitchen floor watching me patiently, waiting for the chicken and rice I cooked up for him to cool. Please think good thoughts for my little boy. ❤

***Note: This is not meant to be taken as medical advice. I am simply sharing my experience with my own dog and his unique situation after carefully weighing the risks and benefits of various options. He is being carefully monitored (I’m pretty close with his vet :)) and has good access to emergency care should anything change. Foreign body situations can be tricky and every situation is different so, as with anything, please always check with your regular vet on how to proceed if your pet has a similar experience

I’ll keep you posted!