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Hey how’s everyone’s night going?

My day consisted of a few pretty great things: blog writing, popcorn and James Franco.

I spent most of the morning writing then paused briefly for lunch:

Salmon with jalapeno cilantro hummus and squash, black beans.

After lunch I got some much needed cleaning done: bedroom organized, and started some laundry – getting ready for Vegas this weekend! 🙂

I ordered 127 Hours through Netflix shortly before I moved out to my parents’ house but with all that’s been going on lately I hadn’t had a chance to watch it so my mom and I decided give it a go.

Even after 127 hours of being crammed between two boulders and not showering James Franco’s not bad to look at. 🙂

That is until he, you know, severs his own arm. (I had to watch that part with my fingers over my eyes).

My mom and I shared some popcorn with sea salt, oregano and nutritional yeast.

After pretty much lazing around all day I decided it was time to fit my cardio workout in so I did one of my dad’s P90x videos (the same one I’d tried here). I still found the commentary annoying but I actually liked it a lot better this time.

Post-workout snack.

Rice cake with pb, honey and cinnamon.

I’m going to finish some laundry and hit the sack. Tomorrow I’m meeting my trainer early, heading to the grocery store, taking my grandma to a doctor’s appointment and then a continuing education meeting in the evening. I’m getting tired just thinking about it. 🙂