Hey, hope everyone’s having a great Friday. I’m excited the weekend is upon us. 🙂

Last Saturday while I was in Vegas I had wanted to fit in some cardio and decided to go for a run. I usually prefer to run indoors on the treadmill but as I started warming up at the hotel gym overlooking the Las Vegas strip the overcast skies and cool air were beckoning me outside. I decided to hit the streets and I was immediately glad I did.

Sure it was crowded. And I did a lot of people dodging.

But the energy was contagious and electrifying.

It was surreal.

And inspiring.


I ran for about an hour while the Las Vegas sky poured a light steady drizzle down over me, pausing only briefly to replenish my water supply.

This run really got me pumped up to start my half marathon training and for taking my running outdoors. I have a feeling I’m going look back at this post and use it to inspire me on days when I don’t feel like running.

Like tonight. 😉

And on that note, I’m off to do my thing.

See you all tomorrow!