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Hey friends how are you? πŸ™‚

I’m stuck at the airport dealing with this.


Flight delay due to plane maintenance. I rushed my booty to get here on time and this is what I get haha. πŸ™‚

With this morning’s hourlong plyometrics workout just sneaking up on me and stuck in a terminal with less than stellar dining options, needless to say I’m feeling hungry, tired and cranky. And with an hourlong flight delay in a crowded terminal, who wouldn’t be?But there’s another reason I’m feeling less than my best right now.

I skimped on sleep last night.

Home from a long day of work last night without a TiVo full of fresh fall shows and a later-than-usual wakeup call I happily dove into *relax mode*. As I caught up on Castle and delved into Dancing With the Stars I could feel myself growing tired but I didn’t stop there, even around 11 pm when I could no longer stifle my yawns.

I forged ahead, pulling out my laptop to catch up on the blog world. I even cooked up a few late night snacks to commemorate my *me time* (protein powder, almond butter, vanilla and chocolate heated for just the right amount of time kind of tastes like cookie dough – I may be onto something here..)

Shortly after midnight I grudgingly went to bed after realizing my eyes were too heavy to focus on my current Kindle selection (I was near full-on zombie mode at this point).

This is definitely not the first time I’ve done this. Invariably it happens, especially after a long and trying day at work, in an effort to reclaim some lost part of my day I try and stay awake to fit in all the things I’ve been *missing* when I’d really be better off just calling it a night and starting fresh the next day.

(Why must I keep learning this lesson over and over again?)

What I need to remember is that it’s quality vs quantity. Sure I got caught up on all my shows and blogs but in my half-awake state did I really appreciate and enjoy it the same as I would have if I’d from a refreshed perspective? Probably not.

Besides I need to keep in mind all of the benefits I’m missing out on from not getting in a full night’s rest:

*A good night’s sleep definitely sets the stage for a good mood (who’s ever felt better than being well rested on vacation?)

*Much of the body’s rebuilding and recovery from exercise occurs at night which is another important reason to hit the hay early. (I have yet to prove it but I’m convinced my lack of sleep is at least partly responsible for my inability to lose a stubborn layer of belly fat).

*Finally, having more sleep keeps me in a more positive frame of mind. When I’m tired I tend to think ore negatively in general. Little things I normally wouldn’t bat an eye at start to get to me and if I’m not careful it can trigger a cascade of negative thoughts that can really cloud up my day and no amount of late night TV is worth that.

So from here on out I’m going to plan to log more hours in bed (no, not that kind ;)) because my body and mind will thank me.

On that note, I’m off for a fun-filled (and hopefully restful!) weekend in Santa Barbara with my two best friends. We try and do one girl’s trip a year and I can’t believe it’s finally here!:)

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!