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Hey there! Well it’s Monday again. 🙂

Hopefully everyone had a nice weekend. Mine went by way too fast but it was jam packed.

Saturday after work I set out for a run. To stay on track with my 1/2 marathon training plan I needed to run 5 miles. The second I headed out the door I knew I was in it for more than 5 miles. I ended up doing 6.2 and it felt great. I ran outside on a fairly hilly path so it was a little bit of a challenge but I still ended up on par with the pace I’d kept for the 10k I ran about a year ago this time.

I started running a few years ago and usually stick to 2-4 miles at a time (with occasional 5 mile runs if I’m in the mood) and typically indoors on the treadmill. Longer distances, particularly outdoor running, has always seemed daunting to me. A couple years ago I ran the PF Chang’s Rock and Roll Half Marathon with my sister but it was really more of a walk/run (especially the last half) and it was kind of a challenge for me. Shortly after that I was sidelined with an IT band injury and I’ve only recently started running more regularly. When my friend Joan asked if I wanted to run the PF Chang’s Vegas Half Marathon I decided to give it another shot but in the back of my head I think I’ve still doubted whether I could do it until recently. I’m really starting to feel like a *runner* again. 🙂

Here are the rest of the *highlights* from the weekend.

Post-run I came home to a lobster dinnah.

(You have to say it like that. 🙂 For some reason whenever I have lobster or crab I always think of South Park episode where Terrence and Phillip have ‘crab dinnah’ and it always makes me laugh)

Along with the lobster I had a small salad and some cherry chipotle black beans. I made a sort of cherry/balsalmic vinegar reduction and mixed in a little orange chipotle marmalade and used that to flavor the beans. They dried out a little but the flavor was actually really good so I think I’ll play around with it again sometime.

Saturday night I met up with my friend Kayla at Cowboy Ciao in Old Town Scottsdale.

I’d been wanting to check this place out for awhile. We only had drinks but I did take a glance at the menu. The food is very eclectic (American with southwest and global influences) and there were definitely a few things that caught my eye (seared scallops and beet risotto with dill sauce and goat cheese). They also have a brunch menu. I’ll definitely have to go back to try the food. 🙂

Sunday morning my brothers came over to watch the Steelers game. I stayed out a little too late Saturday night but I managed to pull myself out of bed for one of these.

pb & j smoothie bowl – or actually sb & j since I used sunflower butter instead of peanut butter – 1 mixed frozen berries, 2 tbsp sunflower butter + a little extra blob to go on top, 1 c almond milk. Tastes like a cold pb & j sandwich in a bowl. 🙂

My mom roasted a turkey for lunch which we ate along with stuffing, sweet potatoes and creamy spinach and polenta. It kind of felt like a mini Thanksgiving 🙂

I definitely could have napped after all that food but I had plans to meet up with my friends Justin and Julie are in town for a horse show so I headed over to West World horse arena in Scottsdale to meet up and hang out with them for a bit. Justin and I went to vet school together and I haven’t seen him in a little over 3 years so it was really good to catch up. We hung around and did the horse show thing for awhile then had dinner at Cantina Laredo. I had the grilled shrimp salad which comes with walnuts, goat cheese and honey vinaigrette (sorry no pic). It’s huge and it’s 100% delicious.

Sunday night I got home just in time to catch the tail end of Desperate Housewives (love) and then call it a night because I was feeling like this

It was definitely a busy weekend and I really didn’t get as much down time as I usually like (especially with all the hectic traveling lately) but it was filled with good food, amazing friends and fun so I don’t know what more I can ask for. Life is good. 🙂

Hope everyone’s week is off to a great start!