Hey! How was your day?

I’m just sitting over here trying to unwind. 🙂

Work was crazy busy and my coworker is out of town so I was running around all day. I had zero time in between patients which was probably a good thing because I think I would have driven myself crazy thinking about the offer I put in on the house this yesterday.

I knew I’d be a little bit snacky today (I mentioned I’m a nervous eater right?) so I tried to create a healthy snack buffer.

{carrots, already nearly gone by the time I pulled into work}

{plain popcorn with sea salt and pecans}

Between my healthy options and being busy I was actually doing pretty well until one of our receptionists went to lunch and brought back cookies from Paradise Bakery. With my nerves on edge I didn’t stand a chance 😉

{ginger molasses cookie, worth every nervous bite :)}

The home’s seller sent back a counter offer this afternoon so I’m spending the evening contemplating that and working out my next move. I feel like I’m in a giant game of chess. 🙂

I think I’m going to pop in a workout video and sweat out some of this nervous energy (and burn off some of that cookie!) before bed.

See you tomorrow – *hopefully* with some good news! 🙂