Hey how’s your day been? Guess what? 🙂

I bought a house!!

The seller and I came to an agreement this afternoon. There’s still an inspection to go through and some financial mumbo jumbo but it’s pretty much a done deal. 🙂

(Side note, I kind of hate my signature ;))

It’s been a stressful and exhausting process for sure but I’m so excited to finally have a house of my own! (I can’t wait to start looking at furniture! :))  And now with that out of the way I can really relax and enjoy the rest of my weekend.

Tonight I’m staying with my sister and brother-in-law in Irvine. They’re one of those couples who are complete opposites yet totally complement one another, you know? Right now my sister is running circles around the house chatting up a storm while my brother-in-law is in the kitchen quietly de-seeding grapes. 🙂 They couldn’t be more yin and yang.

I’m off to shower up and get ready for bed! This girl is one tired cookie! 🙂